NetworkManager OpenVPN plugin and nameserver / default route

Hi together,

I am using the Network Manager (version 0.6.5-0ubuntu16) OpenVPN plugin
(version 0.3.2svn2342-1ubuntu4) from Ubuntu Gutsy. Using it establishes
the VPN connection.

The target network is After connecting, I can ping all
computers in the Network, but not those in e.g. In no case, I can ping the names of the computers.

If I establish the VPN connection manually using the commandline, my
server gives the control message:
Tue Nov 20 10:01:02 2007 PUSH: Received control message:
'PUSH_REPLY,route,route,route,dhcp-option DOMAIN
lan.****.**,dhcp-option DNS,route-gateway,ping
10,ping-restart 120,ifconfig'

It seems as if the openvpn plugin does not pass the PUSH_REPLY options
correctly to the network manager. Is this correct or did I make a
mistake? How can I solve it?

Greetings, Tobias

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