Re: NM looses connection and/or doesn't use dhcp

On Thu, 2007-11-01 at 18:58 -0700, Xamindar wrote:
> I have started to have some problems with networkmanager lately.  I am 
> running version 0.6.5_p20070823.

>From the version number it looks like you are running Gentoo.  Have you
updated baselayout recently?  If so, perhaps you overwrote
your /etc/conf.d/rc, which has to have net scripts disabled so as not to
conflict with NM.

Look here:

> First thing:  when I come home from work where I was connected using a 
> static IP (at work I stop NM, set the static IP, then on reboot the PC 
> goes back to it's dhcp settings) for some odd reason NM keeps setting my 
> work IP and doesn't renew the IP for my home network.  This is a recent 
> occurrence and I can't figure out why it started doing it.

WLAN devices store the last IP address.  Indeed, NM is supposed to
overwrite it when you select your home AP.

> Secondly, at random times I will loose my connection.  The IP is still 
> there but I think NM messes up the default route info.  Restarting NM 
> fixes it or simply setting the default route manually does it.  Why is 
> it doing this?

This is why I think it may be a Gentoo problem -- RC service plugging
may be undoing what NM's setting.


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