Re: dbus-send sleep/wake does not always trigger the action

On 3/30/07, Dawid Wróbel <dawid klej net> wrote:
Dnia Fri, 30 Mar 2007 08:43:39 +0000 (GMT) yelo_3 <yelo_3 yahoo it>

> There is a bug about it. please add your information!
This is something different. It's not that it's just applet
that doesn't show correct connection state, it's the whole NM that
doesn't suspend/wake - I can see that in the system logs that nothing
happens at all.

Also, please note that frequent Dispatcher problem. For example now I
can clearly see it doesn't work. NM manages to change it's connection
status the dispatcher scripts are not executed. Dispatcher is obviously
demonized in the background. It will be like this until I restart it.

It sounds a lot like some sort of DBUS issue that prevents the messages to reach NM. Is the system bus really busy when it happens? There are some limits in dbus for maximum number of pending calls. Messages that do not fit in that limit are just dropped (AFAIK).


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