Re: Network Manager - OpenVPN

Alexander Sandström Krantz wrote:
When will the openvpn addon have build in support to change the openvpn-configuration
ns-cert-type server

I think it is possible to accomplish this using the gconf editor to modify the vpn configuration directly. I have a feeling (haven't tested) that if you do this, modifying the vpn connection settings through the network manager openvpn configuration dialog afterwards will overwrite the settings.

First configure everything else for your vpn connection through network manager. Then fire up the gconf configuration editor (Applications->System Tools->Configuration Editor on FC6) and find /system/networking/vpn_connections/YOUR_CONNECTION from the tree on the left. Then edit the value of vpn_data on the right. This is a list of the openvpn configuration options (i.e. key,value,key,value...etc).

I'm mostly guessing at this, but I vaguely remember modifying the openvpn configuration in this way with success in the past.


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