Re: Interface Feedback requested please (Darren Albers)

I've used openswan to connect to all kinds of IPsec gateways, including
contivity's, sonicwall, foritgate, checkpoint, Juniper Networks, etc...
Most of my clients don't have Cisco equipment, and so I've set them up
for regular IPsec dialin policies with whatever firewall they do have,
and so far openswan works great. 

Before openswan I tried racoon but I never got that to work at all. I've
heard people using Mac OS X have had better luck with racoon (for
whatever reason I'm not aware of).

The only issues I've had are with X-Auth, and I think that's a
limitation of the scripts that ship with openswan. I'm hoping to get the
X-auth working with my plugin, which essentially bypasses those scripts
and talks directly to the service daemon. 

(Thanks for the guidance Dan ;)).


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