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Hallo everybody.

I found network manager which seems to be really interesting piece of
software. I just want to understand several thinks about it, and especially
about the dhcp, which I was not able to find discussion forum (as the
search engine is probably broken).

So, if I understand it, networkmanager talks to (controls) dhcdbd daemon
through dbus, and dhcdbd controls ISP dhcp client (by the means of some
dhcp client's protocol):

dhcp-client <---client's protocol---> dhcdbd <---dbus---> networkmanager

The manager then, by default when ethernet cable is plugged in, instructs
the dhcp-client to obtain address from that interface (or assigns static
address as I think is planned to 0.7 release). When the cable is unplugged
and wireless connection is required by user, the namager instructs dhcp
client to obtain address from wireless-related dhcp server (or optionally
sets static address to wifi interface). Or the dhcp client is instructed
to listen on another interface (e.g. wifi in addition to ethernet cable).

- First question is - does the manager support more wired connections?
Well, I know that not many laptops have several network cards, but I
can imagine the case when users will use it on their desktops serving
as "interner routers" at home (I did it some time ago).
- Second question is, if the namager removes the address when ethernet
cabel is unplugged, as 'ifplugd' daemon does? (http://0pointer.de/lennart/projects/ifplugd/).
- Third question, does the manager provide means of starting/stopping
dhcp daemons when there is no network connection required? E.g. when
user disables it, or when no cable is plugged and no wireless is either
in range or required by user? I ask because I guess users may not require
to have unncessarry daemons running when theyr's laptops are running
on bateries (even if dhcp probably does not consume much energy).

I would like to know more about the way of dhcp contol. It is because
I use 'dhcpcd' client, really small daemon default in gentoo distribution.
I was thinking about the extension of this dhcp daemon to be controllable
directly through dbus from the manager (build optionally). But I did
not found any written specification, just the source codes. Is it possible
to find something somewhere? I know that it is definitelly NOT the most
important think to do in the network manager project, it also may not
be neccessary when ISP dhcp client is working, but it would be nice
to have a choice (which linux is about) ;-)

- So, do you plan to establish (or is it established) a dbus 'protocol'
how network manager will control dhcp? Either directly or through some
inter-layer daemon? 
- And what about 'pppd' or other similar daemons? I have notice that
modem connection through pppd is supported, but the pppd could also
be controlled through dbus (which would be really great integration).
They should also not be started before they are required.
- And the last question - do you plan support other interfaces like bluetooth
or irda in a future?

Sorry for such a long mail, I have become very interested in the project,
so I really wanted to ask.

Thank you very much for your aswers, 

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