Problems with PPPoE connections

I have an ADSL internet connection, and I connect via PPPoE. I've configured my ubuntu machine using the pppoeconf command, and I have a working internet connection.

Yesterday I upgraded to ubuntu feisty, and saw the new network manager combined. Unfortunately, all I can see is an icon saying "No network connection", although my internet connection is healthy as it has always been. :)

I wouldn't mind turning it off (and that's what I've actually done), but I've noticed that some other applications are using the network manager's library to see if there is an internet connection. For example, when I launch liferea, my RSS reader, it is using offline mode, meaning no updates until I manually set it to use online mode. I took a look at the liferea source code, and saw that it called libnm_glib_get_network_state to check the connection status.

So, basically what I'm asking is an improvement in the way Network Manager detects the network connection. It would be very helpful indeed!

Thanks. :)

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