Re: WPA2 problem

Am Mittwoch 07 März 2007 15:32 schrieb speedator gmx de:
> wpa-supplicant is installed. if i try to connect wpa2(personal) is shown
> correctly. the key is set and i enter. It tries to connect, but nothing
> happens, it tries and tries... Have got a 2200er intel-chip. Using
> Ubuntu Feisty. What do I wrong?
Have you tried to enter the psk instead of the passphrase? I have this problem 
using a bcm43xx driver.

You can compute the psk from the passphase and network name using 
the "wpa_passphrase" command:

markusr ogre ~ $ wpa_passphrase "networkname" "secretkey"

If this works, I'm at least not the only one having this odd problem..


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