Re: more messages to the user

Definitely Yes!
Oh, and also "new wireless networks found" maybe only
when the user is not connected to any connection...

And you told me it is easy to check if the ip is a
zeroconf ip through the applet -> connection
information. In my opinion it should be more evident,
such as a "Z" in the icon. It is definitely not
invasive at all...

--- dragoran <drago01 gmail com> ha scritto:

> yelo_3 wrote:
> > Yes, but what about wireless errors?
> >
> >   
> it should display erros like "wrong password" or
> "wrong key" etc. 
> instead of simply asking for the password/key again.
> or if the password 
> is not the reason why the dialog show up again just
> inform the user....


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