Cannot get NM to run

My goal is to connect to a WPA secured network. I am running Ubuntu 6.10 on an IBM Thinkpad T40p. Built-in wireless is disabled in BIOS, I use a D-Link DWL-G650M PCMCIA card instead. The card works fine using the XP drivers under Linuxant. I have no problems connecting to an open network after manually configuring the ESSID and IP info. To get WPA support, I installed NM by : "sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome". The command completed successfully. Then I edited the "interfaces" commenting out everything except the "Io" statements. However, even after several reboots, still no sign of NM. 

Synaptic tells me that network-manager and network-manager-gnome are installed, v The nm-applet is listed in the Start-up Programs list. 

When "killall NetworkManager && NetworkManager --no-daemon" (as suggested in another thread)

root_at_Frodo:/home/rer# killall NetworkManager && NetworkManager --no-daemon
NetworkManager: <information>  starting...
NetworkManager: <Warning>        nm_dbus_init (): nm_dbus_init (): could not acquire hte NetworkManager service as it is already taken (ret-3). Is the daemon already running?
NetworkManager: <ERROR>   [1172619287.397157] main  ():    nm_dbus_init ()  failed, exiting. Either dbus is not running, or NetworkManager dbus security policy was not loaded.
NetworkManager: traceback:
NetworkManager:                        NetworkManager(main+0x47f)  [0x80681af]
NetworkManager:                        /lib/tls/1686/cmov/  [0xb7c2f8cc]:
NetworkManager: <debug info>     [117261947.586695] nm_print_open_socks  (): Open Socket List Done.
NetworkManager:                        NetworkManager  [0x80530a1]
Trace/breakpoint trap  (core dumped)

Any idea what could prevent NM from running, what am I missing?

Thx, Robert

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