Re: NM support for Bluetooth NAP connections possible?

On Tue, 2007-06-19 at 07:15 -0400, steve wrote:
> Hi,
> While I work away on nm-os, I've also got my bluetooth hardware working 
> under linux, and find bluetooth wireless networking to be very 
> convenient around the home.
> I've tested IPsec over Bluetooth NAP and it actually worked! but NM 
> doesn't let me launch vpn configurations because it thinks the network 
> is unplugged.
> the default device for pand is bnep0.
> If I manually change this to say... eth3 I'm good.
> While configuring bluetooth NAP connections through NM would be cool, 
> that's a big project. I'm wondering tho if there's anyway for NM to 
> handle unrecognized network connections such that if there's any type of 
> network connectivity (managed or otherwise) at least let me attempt to 
> launch a VPN connection?
> What do you think?

There are patches for bluetooth PAN in CVS, though I've taken
a look at them and I think they need at least another revision (use
blocking D-Bus calls, and I think they are a bit too high-level).  We
definitely want to support various BT network configurations including
PAN and DUN.

NM won't (and shouldn't) try to handle unknown network connections;
there are just too many things to keep track of, and when you've done
that, you might as well just code up the necessary stuff to make it Just


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