Re: DHCP timeouts

Quoting Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>:

On Wed, 2007-07-25 at 15:27 -0400, Darren Albers wrote:
On 7/25/07, Derek Atkins <warlord mit edu> wrote:
> At the IETF they're having a slight DHCP issue where sometimes it
> can take a minute or more to get a response.  Yeah, this is a
> broken DHCP server, but NM seems to time out at 45 second,
> whereas running dhclient directly (via ifup) seems to do a
> much better job, mostly because it doesn't stop at 45 seconds.
> Is there some way to configure NM to extend that time?  I looked
> in gconf but couldn't find a configuration parameter to set
> the DHCP timeout.  Does one exist or is 45s hardcoded?
> -derek
> --

Unfortunately 45 Seconds is hard coded in nm-dhcp-manager.c

Fix the DHCP server, I would say...  however, if you really really need
a tunable DHCP time, that is more possible with 0.7 on a per-connection

Yeah, I'm trying..  But I dont control the DHCP server, and apparently
the people runnig the network have been unable to actually fix the

In a related issue, NM seems WAY too eager to give up the network
and NOT reconnect.  This is especially evident when I'm walking from
one room to another and wind up walking out of 802.11 range for a short
while.  When I get to the new room I have no network even though the
SSID is available.



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