Settings pickup


I've got multiple connections configured on my Fedora 7 setup (main
one's being used are one wired net, one wireless, one pppoe dialup) with
NM 0.6.5. Out of habit, I connect my pppoe connection with the
'/sbin/ifup ppp0' command (due to usually running this connection on my
server and ssh-ing in to start it up). I have noticed that NM doesn't
pick up this connection as connected when I do it this way. Also, NM has
the "dialup" entry in the applet menu list, so I can establish it using
that way (even though I permanently forget about it).

When doing it with the ifup command though, a lot of my programs don't
initially pick up that there is a network/internet connection (for
instance, my Pidgin is actually logged in but also shows "waiting for
network connection" in my status bar). Is there a way NM could be made
to pick up that this connection has been established, and then adjust
itself accordingly? I figure that the funny way the connections show up
is due to NM itself.

In other news: people, great work on NM! It really simplifies my life a
lot (I'm on a laptop) and I really appreciate it!


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