Solution to the LEAP problem

I said this before and I will say it again. The solution to get LEAP
authorization to work seems simple:

It should work like WEP authorization. When you sent up a WEP controlled
access point you are asked to put in the access passsphrase then you are
asked to enter the passwd for access to your gnome keyring.

When you login after that you are asked for the passwd to your keyring
and the access is authenticated by accessing the keyring and finding the

With LEAP you are asked for a user name ans passwd. Then you are asked
for the passwd of your keyring and the connection is made.

When you login after that you should be asked for your keyring passwd
just like the WEP case. But you are not so NM can't access your LEAP
passwd from the keyring and the connection fails. Actually the passwd is
retrieved but it can't be decrypted.

I someone has a better idea I would be glad to hear it. I have been
waiting for LEA to work properly foe over half a year. I realize I am am
in the minority by using LEAP but I have no choice and I think this
should be fixed..
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