Leap authentication problem in NM.

I am using NetworkManager-0.6.5-6.fc7 on F7 but it is not working

When I set up a WEP authentication I am asked to enter the id number of
the Access point then I am asked for a passwd phrase which when entered
causes the connecton to be made.

When I subsequently login I am asked for the passwd phrase; which when
entered proceeds to make the connection.
When I choose LEAP authentication I am asked for a login and passwd.
Then I am asked for a passwd phrase (which I don't remember happening in
earlier LEAP authentication.) The connection is then made.

Subsequently when I login to the machine I am not asked for a passwd
phrase and the NM-applet keeps searching endlessly for a connection.

Something is wrong. Could someone either confirm that this is a error in
the program or tell me how to make it work?
Aaron Konstam <akonstam sbcglobal net>

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