Potential problem in getting WPA key from KDE Wallet

I may have found a problem in getting a WPA-PSK key from KDE Wallet. I have two AP's with one of
them used only for testing. Both are broadcasting their ESSID - the production machine has the ESSID
of 'lwfdjf'. When the test unit had an ESSID of 'lwfdjf2' and I selected it using the KDE kicker
applet for NetworkManager, I always got the screen requesting the WPA-PSK key, even though the KDE
Wallet showed that a key had been entered. That part worked as expected for the production AP.

When I changed the ESSID of the test AP to 'second', everything works OK. Did the fact that the
first 6 characters of the two ESSID's were the same confuse the querying of KDE Wallet?

I would be happy to do any further testing and/or provide the contents of logs, providing you tell
me where to find them. I'm using 0.6.4-51 of NetworkManager from the x86_64 openSUSE 10.2
distribution. The kicker applet is version 0.1r606753-17.1.



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