Re: networkmanager fails to associate (ipw3945)

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Adrian Vasile wrote:
>> Usamah Malik wrote:
>>> This is with regards to a thread you started on networkmanager list
>>> regarding
>>> networkmanager not associating. I have been having the same exact issue
>>> & was
>>> wondering what did you do to resolve it. I am using 2.6.19-2911 kernel +
>>> ipw3945 + NetworkManager & it fails to establish connection to my WPA
>>> enabled
>>> wlan. It is however able to show (but not connect) to wlans in the
>>> neibourhood.
>>> Any pointers are appreciated.
>> as you can see in the thread there seems to be no soultion for it and
>> the discussion stopped :(
>> the only solution that I can tell you is to use wpa_supplicant directly,
>> networkmanager seems not to work with ipw3945 + wpa.
> it seems to me that in is not working with ipw3945 period.
> I have the same problem but with an open AP.

Not true. Works fine for me. The only thing I'm waiting on is LEAP
support. WEP104, which I use at home, works just fine.
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