Re: NetworkManager VPN plugin kills my custom routes.

The problem is partially solved - I added all routes to /etc/ppp/ip-up

But it would be more correctly to pass "ipparam" parameter to pppd when
NM starts PPTP connection. It fails with:

"Validating options failed"

I guess that I should add "ipparam my_pptp_connection" string to the
list of allowed options to make NM pass throuth validation check. How
can I do that?

В Птн, 23/02/2007 в 00:32 +0300, Sergey V. Naidenov пишет:
> Good day!
> I'm using nm-applet 0.6.4 and cvs version of VPN plugin.
> When initializing NM kills my custom eth0 routes which have been added
> by the system at boot time.
> Even though I re-enter my custom routes by hand, NM kills them when
> disconnecting its VPN connection. For example:

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