networkmanager fails to associate (ipw3945)

I am using networkmanager on FC6 with the ipw3945 driver (1.2.0 + ucode
I created a accesspoint with hostapd and a rt2500usb based device.
I am using WPA-PSK + TKIP for it.
When I try to connect networkmanager ask me for the passphrase, I enter
it and it trys to connect, but it never does this.
hostapd prints this message: "No WPA/RSN IE in association request"
seems that nm/wpa_supplicant does not send all data which is required by
the ap? I tryed windows on the same system and it works. (it ask for
passphrase and connects to the ap).
I tryed unencrypted but it fails here too (timeout because took longer
than 40s).
With the unencrypted ap sometimes it *does* associate but nm does not
regognice it. (iwconfig shows this) and if I give it a ip I can ping the ap.
Whats going on here? I have tryed everything (blamed the ap first, but
than tryed windows and it works).
Thx in advance for any hints/help.
If you need more info feel free to ask.

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