Re: A question of how connection proceeds.

On Thu, 2007-02-01 at 09:22 -0600, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> I have been having trouble with an access point that is Leap
> authenticated. What sees form the applet display is an circular arrow
> continuing to precess and then finally a connection signaled by vertical
> bars.
> What is happening in the  connecton process when the arrow precesses and
> what event causes the vertical bar to appear? I ask because the arrow

When the chasing balls happen, NM is setting up the card, spawning
wpa_supplicant, waiting for wpa_supplicant to signal a successfull
connection (which lights the first ball), and doing DHCP on the
interface (which lights the second ball).  After that's all done, the
vertical bars appear because the device is now "activated".

> precesses but the vertical bar does not appear. Sometimes the connection
> is made to a different access point and sometimes the whole process
> fails irrevocably in  the sense no access point can be connected to.

If the vertical bars don't appear, then either wpa_supplicant has failed
to connect to the AP, or DHCP could not find an IP address (which means
WEP key is wrong or there is no DHCP server behind that AP).


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