Re: NM & NetScreen VPN

Hi all,

> At work, we have a Juniper firewall (NetScreen). Version 0.4.0 of vpnc
> is able to connect to such firewalls and has a specific option for this:
> Vendor netscreen
> Using vpnc directly works perfectly. I tried with networkmanager-vpnc.
> However, it is not possible to select this option in the wizard. So I
> set the option with gconf-editor. But then, NM exits with this message:
> Aug 26 17:56:26 [NetworkManager] <WARN>
> nm_vpn_service_stop_connection(): (VPN Service
> org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.vpnc): could not stop connection 'XXXX'
> because service was 6._
> Aug 26 17:56:26 [NetworkManager] file nm-vpn-service.c: line 475
> (nm_vpn_service_stage3_connect_cb): assertion failed: (service != NULL)
> Any chance to get support for NetScreen firewall? Is it possible to set
> vpnc option manually?

Sorry but as I never received any answers to this e-mail, I just try
again ;) I'm probably not the only one how would like to use
network-manager-vpnc with NetScreen/Juniper firewalls. I'm sorry but my
knowledge of C, dbus, gnome and gtk+ programming is really poor :( But I
will probably take a look at the code and try something ;)

Merry Christmas to everybody :)

Cyril Jaquier

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