Re: running gnome applet as stand alone application

Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
Hi list,

Let me start with saying that both NetworkManager and the gnome applet
are great, my new installation of Fedora 8 on a Sony Vaio laptop
connected to our wireless network instantly. Thanks for all the good

Now I have gnome running, just to set things up and I use the
networkmanager applet but eventually I don't want to use gnome (I have
it installed and won't delete it but don't want to run it) but a very
simple window manager only. Is there a way to run the applet without
gnome? All I would like to have is the same window popping up when you
click on the applet in gnome, but now without gnome and without the
applet, just the window.

Any ideas? By the way, a little documentation wouldn't hurt :)

I started on something I'm calling nm-cli.

I'm using it right now for default ethernet, and it doesn't work too well, but I'll be adding to it as I figure out how to create the client side dbus connections and stuff. It's mostly just nm-applet on the backend with an option parser. With regard to documentation, is anyone accepting patches for such a thing (the client side libraries at least)?

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