Re: Pre-populate NM-vpnc profiles?

On Wed, 2007-12-05 at 14:20 -0500, Brian Long wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to use gconftool-2 or something to pre-populate various
> system-wide VPN profiles for NetworkManager-vpnc.  Is there any
> documentation on how to do this?  I have various Cisco pcf files from
> which I can extract the Gateway, Group, Group Password, etc.  Is there
> an easy way to add a bunch of NM-vpnc profiles from the command-line?
> This would allow me to wrap it inside an RPM, etc.

gconftool-2 is your friend.  Or, the easier way is to use gconftool-2 to
dump a setting to XML.  Then in your RPM, use gconftool-2 to apply that
schema.  You may need to do some magic to find the last connection
number, pick a free one, and then modify the XML dump to use that free
number, then apply with gconftool-2.  But the whole connection framework
with the GNOME applet has been developed with this usecase in mind.  TO
allow sysadmins to deploy connections via packages or other automatic
means.  Later on you can drop some files somewhere and they'll get
picked up by the system settings service, with options to lock NM down
and disallow the user from connecting to random stuff if you (as the
sysadmin) like.


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