How about 802.1x PEAP and MSCHAPv2 support?

I have been unable to connect to my schools network this year, so far, and it was a pain last year using wpa_supplicant.  I was just wondering if anyone had patches that would allow me to connect to Baylor University's 802.1x PEAP MSCHAPv2 Network with NetworkManager or if any development was underway.  Also would anyone be willing to handhold if decided to create this patches.  I'm not a professional developer in anyway but I'll take my first c++ class this semester.  Just by glancing at the code it looks like I can copy most of it from the LEAP section.  Any and all help is appreciated and I'll get to finishing up a wpa_supplicant.conf to work from.       

Spenser Gilliland
Spenser_Gilliland Baylor edu

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