Re: WPA Supplicant *CAN* connect, but NetworkManager can't.

On 8/16/07, Michael Wilber <hotdog003 gmail com> wrote:
> Hello! I'm using a Zonet ZEW1602 wireless card using ndiswrapper in
> Ubuntu Feisty.
> If I do 'wpa_supplicant -Dndiswrapper -iwlan0 ' [...], then I can't
> connect, as usual.
> If I do 'wpa_supplicant -Dwext -iwlan0' [...], then I can.
> NetworkManager still can't. I talked with some of the devs on
> #ndiswrapper, and they say that -Dndiswrapper has been depreciated for
> quite some time. Is this a bug, and if so, how do I report it?
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This might be a Feisty specific bug, NetworkManager will always use
WEXT and not the device specific driver however a number of
distributions patched NetworkManager to use the device specific driver
for some cards.   Two drivers that many Distro's patched for were
NDISwrapper and Madwifi.

I know that Ubuntu used to ship these patches but I don't know if they
still do, can you grab the Ubuntu source (apt-get source
network-manager) and look in the debian/patches directory and see if
one of the patches sends -Dndiswrapper instead of -Dwext?

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