Newbie question: advice in adding a new feature to network manager...



I’m new to NetworkManager and have an interest in coding up a new feature into it. I think it would be great to have the ability to partition out adhoc networks from infrastructure networks in the available wireless network list. That way, if it happens to be the case that there is a lurking adhoc network called say “foo” and an infrastructure network called “foo”, the user can differentiate between the two and choose which one they want to associate with.


Additionally, with that kind of segmentation, it would be nice to ONLY see adhoc networks or infrastructure networks in the list (as a configurable option). For a managed network environment, users may only be interested in seeing one kind of network at a given time.


So, any advice on how I can quickly ramp up into the design aspects of NetworkManager?  Any advice on where I would likely begin to experiment with changes?





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