Re: nm-applet asks several times for keyring password

On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 09:31 +0200, R� Cardona wrote:
> Hi,
>  From time to time, nm-applet will ask for the keyring password two or 
> three times at the same time, popping two or three dialogs. Usually I 
> pick the first one of these dialogs  to enter my password and then 
> everything works as usual.
> Is this a bug in nm-applet or in the keyring ? Has anyone else noticed this?
> I'm using gnome-2.14 on gentoo.

This is fixed in CVS, both HEAD and STABLE.  I've pushed a CVS snapshot
to Fedora Core rawhide, other distributors will do as they wish.

Robert, we should probably look at rolling a 0.6.3, just for kicks :)
Sound like a plan?


PS - One possibly painful thing I'd like to do with 0.6.x though is not
change the VPN dbus API anymore...  which means all new stuff goes to
HEAD, or gets vendor-patched instead.

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