Re: A comment on NetworkManager

Garry T. Williams wrote:
On Saturday 13 May 2006 11:09, Gene Heskett wrote:
Humm, but on FC5, there is not an env subdir in ~.kde. Are we to create this from whole cloth?

mkdir ~/.kde/env ~/.kde/shutdown

I've done this, but have not restarted X yet.

Just log out of KDE.  Then log into KDE.

What are the expected results considering that ATM my networking is
working fine using network to start it.

The original issue was, "how do I run nm-applet in KDE?"

After a restart, gnome-keyring-daemon is running.  Next?

This was just a clarification.  The nm-applet uses the GNOME keyring
to store passwords for encrypted WiFi networks.  I stated before that
the gnome-keyring-daemon was usable by merely starting it in your KDE
session.  That is not true.  Clients (including nm-applet) use the
environment to determine the Unix socket location so they can contact
the gnome-keyring-daemon.  KDE allows you to set the environment for
the KDE session by placing scripts in ~/.kde/env .  These will be
sourced at KDE start up time.

Cheers, Gene

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