Re: Is NetworkManager Single User only?

It sounds like the next version of NM would solve most of the issues i
have with it.

NM should still try to be the way all linux systems (servers included)
configure there network. That would include a drop dead easy applet
that makes smart guesses about what you want, and a text interface if
your system doesn't even running X, probably even text configuration
files (xml?) . If it can't do it using current methods, the they
should be changed.

What i was looking for when i found network manager was a system that
would be the new standard for configuring networking in linux, not
just laptops, not just single user. I think linux desperately needs
something to do this and NM could be it. If NM doesn't something else
will and NM will no longer be needed.


On 3/12/06, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-03-12 at 16:47 -0600, Eli Criffield wrote:
> > When using a wifi + a key, network manager won't connect to a network
> > until you login and unlock the gnome-keyring. Unless I'm mistaken this
> > means no networking until I login to the console, or someone logs in
> > else who knows the wifi key.
> Right; NM doesn't do multi-user yet.
> The next version of NM is planned to support system-wide configuration,
> which is what you're asking for here.  An administrator will be able to
> "publish" a key or other network authorization information to the
> system.  Once that information is set up, connection on bootup and
> multi-user connection won't be a problem since the info is available for
> everyone to use (but not to read, of course).  That should make Ubuntu
> devs happy :)
> As we continue to develop NetworkManager, we're going to build it out to
> support more use cases.  NM was originally developed for just one
> targetted use case; that of laptop and mobile users.  The goal is to
> build to support more cases, but still make laptop and mobile cases
> drop-dead simple.
> Dan

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