Re: wireless driver workarounds

Once upon a time, Robert Love <rml novell com> said:
> Attached patch is a collection of workarounds for madwifi, orinoco, and
> ndiswrapper that I have worked on or that have been posted to this list.
> We are probably not going to merge any of this.  If NM does not work for
> you but works with this patch, we would like to know.

I'm using:

- Fedora rawhide (up to date as of today)
- the latest madwifi-ng snapshot plus the patch from this list to set
  the capabilities for WPA
- NetworkManager-0.5.1-18.cvs.20060302 plus your patch

WPA is not working.

I had WPA working a couple of weeks ago, but updating something broke it
and it hasn't worked since.

Chris Adams <cmadams hiwaay net>
Systems and Network Administrator - HiWAAY Internet Services
I don't speak for anybody but myself - that's enough trouble.

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