NM not connecting on resume, ipw2200

Some recent patches to NM and ipw2200 should take care of the failure to connect on resume from suspend.

1. NM failed to set the essid to ANY but instead left the essid unchanged when deactivating a wireless network. Consequently, when NM resumed the essid still had its previous value. Dan applied patches at HEAD 1.934 to fix this.

2. Two patches were made to ipw2200 version 1.1.3. From the Changelog

   * ipw_wx_set_essid fix (thanks to Bill Moss)
   * Reassociate even if set the same essid (thanks to Bill Moss)

With these patches in place, my tests show that NM is much more robust about reconnection after resume, or enable wireless, or enable networking.

For ipw2200 users, I would suggest the module options

options ipw2200 hwcrypto=0 associate=0

Actually hwcrypto=0 is now the default. ipw2200 exhibits occasional firmware restarts with hwcrypto=1 which will cause NM to disconnect. associate=1 is the default. When ipw2200 is not associated, ipw2200 will scan about 3 times per second looking for an AP to automatically connect to. This sends a stream of scan completion events to NM. associate=0 turns off the scanning when not associated. When NM needs a scan, it will ask for one.

Bill Moss
Alumni Distinguished Profess
Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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