Re: FC5, Madwifi, NM -- network recovery after suspend-to-ram?

On Mon, 2006-07-10 at 14:41 -0400, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Hey,
> I've been fairly happy with my FC5 update.  NM 0.6 is much more usable
> than 0.3 in FC3.  Except for my 802.11(b/g) vs. 802.11(a) issue, it's
> been pretty durn stable.  Thanks.
> My only issue right now is that the wireless network doesn't seem to
> "come back" automatically after a suspend-to-ram.  Maybe I'm not doing
> something correct, but it just doesn't seem to work right.  It doesn't
> seem to re-scan for wireless networks after the resume..  What I've
> had to do:
>  * manually disable networking
>  * manually bring down ath0
>  * manually rmmod all madwifi modules
>  * manually 'ifconfig ath0 up'
>  * manually re-eneable networking
>  * pray it takes and that I don't have to repeat the process

I have similar problems with ipw2200 - sometimes it won't work after a
suspend. I do:

/etc/init.d/NetworkManager stop
rmmod ipw2200
modprobe ipw2200
/etc/init.d/NetworkManager start
pray that it works (it usually does)

I played also with letting  pm-tools remove the ipw2200 module on
suspend (and reinsert on wake-up) but it never seemed to cure the thing
(and maybe brought it's own share of problems)

Not sure if this is a problem with NM or the sad state of wifi drivers.
On the other hand, there are sometimes also problems that are cured by
simply restarting NM without any reload of kernel drivers. The problem I
currently see most often is that it connects, and after a second drops
the connection, connects again, drops it and so on. This sometimes cures
itself after some iterations. Also not sure if this is NMs fault.


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