Re: FC5 NM/Madwifi "roaming" loses IP Address

Quoting Robert Love <rml novell com>:

On Wed, 2006-07-12 at 12:14 -0400, Derek Atkins wrote:

Or even if it's the same ESSID (regardless of whether the BSSID is cached
or not)?  If I walk across the IETF floor quickly it's possible that my
ultimate destination might not be a BSSID that was in range at the beginning
of the session, so the BSSID might not be cached.  Or I might never have
been in that room before.  Indeed, as a /user/ I should never have to
worry about the BSSID sitting under the ESSID (except, perhaps, in the
case where there's an (a) vs. (b/g) network difference).

But this wouldn't be a problem if roaming worked ...

Well, that's not necessarily true, either.  Let's say I went to lunch
(and therefore left the conference).  When I came back it would be nice
if I got the same IP Address back...   Not that I expect my TCP Connections
to last through lunch, but you never know.

Yes, it would be less of an issue if roaming worked.  I wonder when
roaming broke?  It worked fine in the madwifi-old driver.

	Robert Love


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