Re: nm-applet keeps disconnecting when using replacement libhal

On Fri, 2006-06-30 at 17:30 +0200, Milan Plzik wrote:
> On Pi, 2006-06-30 at 11:12 -0400, Dan Williams wrote:
> > Hmm; NetworkManager shouldn't really care if nm-applet is running,
> > except that when it starts NM will pull the list of "allowed" networks
> > from the applet.  Can you clarify the behavior here?  What happens when
> > you start NM and let it sit for a while?  What happens then when you
> > start nm-applet?  Can you post some output from "NetworkManager
> > --no-dameon" ?  That would give a clue as to why NM keeps disconnecting.
>   Sorry, I apologize. I forgot to include any usable debugging info. :)
> Ok, so output from NM is like this - there are also debugging
> informations from libhal-nm included:

OK, two things:

> lt-NetworkManager: <information>        eth1: Driver 'ndiswrapper' does
> not support carrier detection.
>         You must switch to it manually.

NM appears to be detecting this device as a wired device; obviously
something is not setting the properties for it in the replacement HAL to
make it a wireless device.

For the endless looping of NM, check to see that either NM or nm-applet
aren't getting kicked off the bus.  Find all calls to
"dbus_connection_set_exit_on_disconnect()" and comment them out or
change the FALSE->TRUE.  NM will then segfault if/when it gets kicked
off the system bus, which happens for a variety of reasons but usually
because of a bug in the app like sending a non-UTF8 string as a

Since NM and the applet both have code to reconnect, they will do so and
you'll then see the NameOwnerChanged events that you seem to be seeing.


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