Re: [patch] don't restart applet.

On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 12:38 -0500, Dan Williams wrote:

> So with this patch, what happens when the applet dies for some reason
> (admittedly shouldn't happen)?  Does it just fail to restart, and you
> must log out and back in again?

If it dies, it is dead.  The user can of course restart it.

> What's wrong with disabling session management then?  Or running
> nm-applet with '--sm-disable' ?

I hate remembering to type that.

> I'm not against the patch necessarily, just trying to figure out why the
> session management stuff is breaking down here...

It breaks down because if multiple instances of the applet ever run, the
stupid thing gets session managed N times.  So users login and find N

The second reason is that autostarting apps (via the new autostart
system in GNOME) and session managing applications via the old-style
restart stuff do not get along well.  Mostly, you see more of the above.

If one uses the autostart stuff, they really need to apply this patch.
And I think the autostart stuff is the way to go.

> We could also try to init the DBUS service and if it's already owned,
> just go away and not come back until next login.

I thought about this, but the applet actually DOES work with multiple
invocations, so I was hesitant to disable what might be a useful
feature.  GNOME does support fast-user-switching now.

	Robert Love

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