Re: NM tidbits

On Wed, 2006-01-25 at 17:01 -0500, Dan Williams wrote:

> Except that Enable Wireless turns off wireless completely!  Enable
> Wireless _is_ "airplane mode" essentially.  WRT to scanning, the
> decision was that you will never be able to turn off scanning, that NM
> will scan every now and again based on some heuristics.  Scanning every
> 2 minutes doesn't really take that much power, and people who think it's
> unnecessary can simply deal with it.

Good point.

So I think I'd like to have an option to disconnect cleanly and turn
everything off.  If 'Wireless Enabled' in that case is redundant and not
needed, I can remove it.

Your thoughts?

> Right, we can do this.  I had intentionally kept the current model to be
> less-smart on the wpa_supplicant front for (a) simplicity, and (b)
> consistency.  ie, we want to make sure where the bugs are, and what
> exactly wpa_supplicant can do before we open it up and let
> wpa_supplicant be "smart" about stuff.  Error reporting is still
> something of a concern here, but that will only get better with time.


> Note that WEP still needs to be hard-coded since you can't ever know
> that an access point supports only 40-bit WEP rather than 104-bit, or
> whether it's using Shared Key or Open System until you try to connect to
> it.  But at least they nailed that bit with WPA.

Yah, just for WPA we can offer a "WPA (Auto)" mode or similar.  But
fixing any bugs are a bigger concern.

Any opinion on the other issues?

I'll start drafting NEWS -- we have a lot new.  ;-)

	Robert Love

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