Re: essid with spaces?

On 1/22/06, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-01-22 at 21:35 -0500, Will Dyson wrote:
> > On 1/20/06, Ian Campbell <ian dal-acm ca> wrote:
> > >         A wireless network I use has a space in the essid. Every time
> > > NetworkManager tries to associate to it, it crashes. The association
> > > succeeds, NetworkManager restarts, and everything continues as it was
> > > before.
> > >
> > >         Is there any reason NetworkManager would crash on a network with a
> > > space in the essid?
> >
> > Resend to the list:
> > I also see this behavior, only on networks with a space embedded in
> > the ESSID. I'm running a CVS checkout from yesterday (1/21)
> Is there any chance that the problem is a non-UTF8 character rather than
> a space?  I checked out spaces today with my WRT54G and NM appeared to
> deal with them just fine.  It's known to crash with some non-UTF8 ESSIDs
> though.  What's the essid that crashes for you?

"dyson homenet" is what it was associating to when the applet was
crashing tonight at my parents' place. It didn't appear to be
detecting any other networks either.

I just realized it was not clear I'm seeing applet crash only, not the
networkmanager daemon.

When associating to that network, the applet would crash when the
association was complete and the icon was about to switch to the
"connected, displaying signal strength" mode. The interface remained
up, and nothing interesting is reported by the daemon to the syslog.

Will Dyson

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