design decissions in nm ?

Hi list,

I (for the first time) tried out nm and well it partly works nice.

Now comes the unavoidable but:

For me it is completely unclear how I can have customized network
settings, i.e. custom ip address/netmask/gateway/dns's and also I'd like
to use different MAC addresses depending on where I am and might even
want to run additional scripts to start applications etc...

>From what I understand from the website is that nm is a standalone
application that tries to du everything. Well I don't understand why it
is not done the unix way, i.e. I can do all of the above and more using
standard ifupdown w/ ifplugd, waproamd, ifupdownroaming, resolvconf,
guessnet, wpasupplicant. I can even have vpn stuff... and that all is
around for years... So all that GUI users are missing is a a GUI :)

So why is NM as it is ? where can I read more about this ?


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