Re: Non-ascii characters in SSID crashes NM

On 1/17/06, Kristoffer Gleditsch <kristoffer linpro no> wrote:
> The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
> that has been posted to as well.
> Hi!
> Martin Høy <marhoy gmail com> writes:
> > The mentioned user runs FC3 and NM-0.3.4-4.1.0.fc3, but i though
> > this was worth mentioning anyway, in case the bug is still present
> > in the current versions.
> Sounds like
> .  There
> is a patch there as well, but I'm not sure why it hasn't been taken
> in.
> NM people: Is the patch b0rken in some way?  Because of this bug,
> NetworkManager works for me in about half the places I try it.  I'd be
> willing to take a stab at patching it, too, but not until someone
> tells me what's wrong with the one already there. :)
> (A weakness of the patch is that it assumes latin-1 as the only
> fallback charset.  I'm not sure what would be smarter - substituting
> all non-utf8 characters with "-" or something would be pretty ugly,
> but at least it would be the same ugly for everyone...)

I've already applied this patch to the NM in our yum-repository, and the user
that reported the problem is now happily connecting to her wireless network.
But since the patch is not included in the official distribution, this
only fixes
the problem for our employees.

I'm not a programmer so I won't comment on the generality of the patch,
but something like that is definitively needed in the official release.


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