Re: Non-ascii characters in SSID crashes NM


Martin H�arhoy gmail com> writes:

> The mentioned user runs FC3 and NM-0.3.4-4.1.0.fc3, but i though
> this was worth mentioning anyway, in case the bug is still present
> in the current versions.

Sounds like .  There
is a patch there as well, but I'm not sure why it hasn't been taken

NM people: Is the patch b0rken in some way?  Because of this bug,
NetworkManager works for me in about half the places I try it.  I'd be
willing to take a stab at patching it, too, but not until someone
tells me what's wrong with the one already there. :)

(A weakness of the patch is that it assumes latin-1 as the only
fallback charset.  I'm not sure what would be smarter - substituting
all non-utf8 characters with "-" or something would be pretty ugly,
but at least it would be the same ugly for everyone...)


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