Re: Debian backend fixes and other issues

giskard wrote:

Il giorno gio, 09/02/2006 alle 17.37 +0000, Antony J Mee ha scritto:
Hi Tom,

I'm not running Debian (rather Gentoo, it's illegitimate child) but I have the same issue and
adding "#define HEADERS_KERNEL" seems to fix this.

or you can use the patches that the `pkg-utopia debian guys` provide :)
Except that they also include (admittedly consistently across packages) some
strange patches to 'rebrand' dchdbd in a strange manner (the dbus stuff
I mean) - naff if you're trying to develop/debug on such a system with
a CVS version of NM.

Otherwise, yes, very cool overlay. I use most of the other packages.


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