NetworkManager does not work with my ipw3945 network card

Hi to all,
I am using hp laptop with fc6. It has the intel wireles network card, that is 
supported under linux (ipw3945 driver). I managed to set the network 
manually. Both secure (wep, wpa, wpa2) as well as nonsecure connections works 
very well. But when I use networkmanager I am not able to connect to network.

The log from the networkmanager can be found at:
It seems that wpa_supplicant has some problems with connection ('AP_SCAN 1'.  
Response: 'UNKNOWN COMMAND' ), but on the another hand when I do i manually I 
can connect without any problem. When nonsecure network is set, the log look 
the same.

[piotr localhost]~% rpm -q NetworkManager wpa_supplicant

What can be wrong?

Best regards

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