Re: There is something I owuold realloy like to know.

On Sun, 2006-12-24 at 16:22 -0600, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> I have asked this several times on this list but I have yet to obtain a
> clear answer. I don't want to blame anyone but I really would like to
> know how (what commands to execute) to find out the version number of NM
> is the STABLE branch of the CVS database.
> I believe it is now NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_0_RELEASE but that may change and
> I need to be able to find the version to download the current stable
> code.

You are correct, that is the branch name of the "STABLE" branch from
which you pull to get the latest sources for the branch.  Note that
what's on the tip of the "stable" branch isn't always stable, so if you
want the stable sources, stick to released "stable" versions.

Whew, a lot of "stable" in that paragraph.  To keep it simple, if you
pull from the tags like NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_4_RELEASE, you'll get the
0.6.4 sources.


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