DBus notifications about Internet connections

As a laptop user, I am constantly switching network connections, as an AIM user, that leaves me linkdead until I manually reconnect[1]. My solution is to write a gaim plugin to reconnect me to the AIM network upon notification from NetworkManager that a new connection has been established.

However, I have as yet been unable to figure out how to get such a notification.  Using dbus_monitor, I discovered that nm-applet sends a method call to ord.freedesktop.Notifications whenever a connection is dropped or added, but there seems to be no signal sent to the desktop to let programs know there's a connection.

I guess I can immediately listen for that particular method call as a hack, but I think that nm-applet should notify the desktop when connections are added or dropped.

[1] While the best solution would be to not physically disconnect from a network without disconnecting from the AIM network first, that is sometimes impractical.
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