Re: When's 0.7 coming out? (Yes, I know, been asked)

On 12/12/06, Jacob <fun2program8 yahoo com> wrote:
I know that this question's been asked. I know you guys have answered it.
But for the life of me I can't find it in the archives. Hope you all can
forgive me this once.

When's v0.7 going to be released? I really want the feature where
NetworkManager accesses its own keyring that all users can then plug into
as well. Makes for an easier multi-user setup.

Dan's last comment on this was last week and he said:
"Maybe February or early March, but certainly before April"

Of course this is always subject to change  ;)

Or, how stable is SVN for you guys? I could get NM from SVN, but only if
it is stable enough for use by, and the installation of it is reversable.
I'm running on an Ubuntu laptop.

I don't /think/ it builds right now, at least last time I looked it
needed a patched version of wpa_supplicant and it still did not build.
 I think someone else posted here that they could not compile it and
Dan confirmed that it was not in a buildable state.  Plus most of the
features you want are not in there yet, I would wait until January at
least before testing unless Dan asks for testers.

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