Re: KNetworkManager sometimes fails to initialize

Em Terça 05 Dezembro 2006 12:39, Timo Hoenig escreveu:
> Hi Rob,
> On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 10:22 -0500, Rob Hasselbaum wrote:
> > First of all, thanks for a great tool! I'm using KNetworkManager on
> > Kubuntu 6.10. Most of the time, it works well. But maybe 20% of the
> > times I boot my laptop, the tray icon will fall to appear and I won't be
> > connected to my wireless network. I can see "knetworkmanager" in the
> > process list, though, and I can kill it and restart it and everything is
> > fine again--although i have to manually connect to the network in this
> > case.
> >
> > Amy idea what could be causing this intermittent behavior? I have pasted
> > the syslog below that shows an occurrence of the problem. As you can
> > see, it seems to get stuck at stage 2. The network key should be
> > available in KWallet, so I don't know why it says no valid key exists.
> Could you please get in touch with the Kubuntu maintainers to determine
> whether this is a distribution specific issue?  I have never seen the
> behavior as described above.
> However, if it turns out to be a upstream problem, please post on [1]
> and we'll get it fixed.

Not distribution specific, I get the same behavior here running it on Fedora 
Core 6 with kde 3.5.5. knetworkmanager reserves its place in systray, but the 
icon does not show and the menu is not accessible, as if it's frozen. Killing 
it and restarting it manually makes it work again. As with Rob, this problem 
is intermittent and I couldn't see a pattern in it.


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