Re: Custom network settings?

Network Manager should accept the static settings that your distro
specific tools set.  While I have not tried it others have stated that
this is the case.

Dan has said that Network Manager 0.7 will have this feature and the
last time he mentioned a timeframe for release it was towards the end
of the year but don't be surprised if that slips into Feb.

You do have the option (As annoying as it is) to stop network-manager
and use other tools where you must have a static address.


On 12/4/06, Xamindar <junkxamindar gmail com> wrote:
Is it, or will it eventually be possible to have custom settings like a
static IP for certain access points and multiple profiles for the wired
interface?  I often use connections that do not have a dhcp server and
when networkmanager is running it takes over the interface,
resolve.conf, and routes so I have to end up setting all those manually
from the command line if my connection does not have a dhcp server.

Is there any way to set custom settings?
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