Re: T-Mobile (and other) support

On Sat, 2006-12-02 at 16:28 -0500, Jim Popovitch wrote:

> In order to connect to T-Mobile (and presumably some other) 802.1x
> networks (Not the current tmobile WEP), NM needs to use PAP for the
> secondary (Inner Auth).  I'm presently using NM v0.6.3-2ubuntu6, which
> doesn't support this.  Is there a newer alpha/beta version that does? If
> not is someone presently investigating this?  Finally, if there is no
> present effort underway, what are some starting points for me to look at
> implementing this?  I'm a competent programmer, but not at all entirely
> familiar with underpinnings or dbus or gnome.

We don't currently support two-phase authentication (inner/outer auth),
in the current or unstable version, but we do have it on the plan.

It would not be hard to add; wpa_supplicant supports it.  We would need
to do two things

	1. Expand the Enterprise UI to support two-phase auth.  This
	   is not hard to implement but hard to get right.  This UI
	   is currently a mess and needs work.

	2. Expand the DBUS API to do two-phase auth.

Probably want to do it in 0.7 first and then consider back-porting it.
To do it cleanly we need to break the DBUS API, which isn't acceptable
in 0.6.



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