VPN and Dial Up connections

I am using Ubuntu 6.10. I've gotten NetworkManager to dial up my modem
connection (a Sprint AirCard) by linking ppp0 to my 1xevdo file
in /etc/ppp/peers. NetworkManager dials the connection when I hit
Connect to Modem. The only problem is that it doesn't actually say it is
connected or show a connection status. I can't use the normal setup for
dial up connection in Gnome because my connection does not use a
username, etc. Well, since NetworkManager never updates the status of
ppp0, it thinks that it is not connected to the Internet. My problem is
that the VPN connections I have configured are never available because
there is a setting that is checked (yet greyed out) that says an
existing connection is required. If I connect to Ethernet, then the VPN
connection become available. I'd like to either know how to make
NetworkManager see ppp0 IS working, or how to disable the "Require
existing network connection" setting. I am guessing this can be done in
gconf-editor or something.

Thank you,
Jason C. Greb
ElectroNerdz, Inc.
jgreb electronerdz com
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Lakeland, FL 33807
Voice: 863-709-0204
Cell: 863-860-0985
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