Re: unable to setup wpa2 psk

On 8/13/06, George Whitmore <george p whitmore gmail com> wrote:
Hi Darren,
Will do. It was just a WEP 128bit (that was a first, previously only 64
worked). I found a WPA wilki unbunto how to; In it they said I need to
install wpa-supplicant and then edit the etc/wpa_supplicant config file. My
system does not have any wa_supplicant config file, period...

George, you don't need WPA_Supplicant.conf, Network-Manager handles
all the communications with WPA_Supplicant for you.

Can you set your wireless router (or AP) to use WPA-PSK and use
network-manager to try and connect to it and post an output of that

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